Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 208 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 208

Chapter 208: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 21

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Mami tells Chizuru that she was able to overhear the conversation she had with Kazuya's mom. And as she keeps talking, the expression on her face changes to one that is disappointed, and she says, "I'm sorry, Chizuru-san, but honestly... I can't think of you as a good person anymore...".

Hearing that, Chizuru falls silent, while Mami asks her what the hell she's doing.

Once again, Chizuru falls silent as she thinks that she can't explain to Mami what is really going on. So, after a few seconds, she says, "I'm only keeping the ring for convenience."

At such a response, Mami gets angry and tells Chizuru that she should have some sense, as what she is doing has gone beyond all limits and that she can no longer use the excuse that she is just doing her job as a rental girlfriend.

And as Chizuru remains silent, Mami demands her to answer her.

"I know...! That's why I brought the ring to return it..." replies Chizuru.

Hearing that, Mami gets a little more upset and asks Chizuru when she will do it, but, once again, she remains silent, to then say, "I'm sorry...".

Mami, looking disappointed, glares at her and asks if she doesn't feel guilty for deceiving everyone.

Again, Chizuru remains silent, so Mami asks her if Kazuya is someone special to her or just a client.

At such a sudden question, Chizuru gets nervous, but after a few seconds she replies, "He's just a client...".

Mami stares at her and then takes her by the hand and tells her that now is the time to return the ring and tell Grandma Nagomi the truth.

"I'm sure she'll understand! This is not your fault! Since you are just a victim!" exclaims Mami.

Suddenly, Grandma Nagomi appears and asks them if everything is okay, and then asks Chizuru what she is going to give back to her.

Hearing that, Chizuru is quite surprised and plunges into her thoughts, as she doesn't know what to answer. However, Mami helps her and tells Grandma Nagomi that Chizuru was worried because she doesn't know what gift she can give her for her birthday.

Again, Chizuru is surprised, as she didn't think Mami would help her. And after a few seconds, Mami tells Grandma Nagomi that it is better to go back to the dining room. And as they leave, Mami tells Chizuru that her patience has a limit, so she hopes that things will work out today.

Now, things have become complicated for Chizuru, who thinks about what she should do.

Meanwhile, Mami smiles as she thinks this is all funny. However, it looks like her "fun" won't last long, as Grandma Nagomi looks at her seriously because she could hear the conversation.

Next time: "She's a bomb".

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  1. A chapter for a conversation lol. This author sure knows how to stretch out stories hahaha.

    1. It is the only talent that the author has lol

  2. Replies
    1. ngl she be a real bitch tho, but i kinda see where she's coming from. Still not her fckn business.

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