Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 215 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 215

Chapter 215: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 28

For Mami Nanami, life is just a distraction until death comes. And the concept of love, well, that's something to be told about next.

Years ago, when Mami was 4 years old, she felt for the first time what it was like to lose something she considered precious. And the one responsible for that loss was her father.

That year, her maternal mother passed away, but even so, she felt that losing her teddy bear was more impactful.

Her day to day life was under two actions: what her father said, which was that education shapes a person, and her mother who always scolded her (and her brother too) for every bad thing she did. That was basically her life.

Also, her parents were very strict about ideologies. So they didn't allow anyone to get close to her and her brother.

As time went by, Mami turned 9 years old, and it was at that time that she met "that person".

At that time, Mami didn't know what her father was planning. So she interacted with that person, whom she would later see as someone "just a little older than her".

Some time later, Mami entered high school. And to summarize that stage, she was in an all-girls school, which, by the way, went according to her father's motto.

Up to that point, everything was going according to Mami's father's plan. However, one day, everything changed when she started dating a boy who studied near her school.

From then on, days turned into happiness for Mami. And although the things she did with her boyfriend were simple, she found that in those details she could feel comfortable.

Their relationship grew as time went by. And so it was that Mami came to believe that with this boy she could find a future and, in this way, free herself from the chains of her father, who treated her as if she were a pet in training.

From that moment on, Mami began to see things more clearly. Her first act of disobedience towards her parents illuminated "something" that began to grow inside her. In this way, Mami escaped from her father's strict rules, as she wanted to create a future together with that special person she met.

And that special "something" that was growing inside Mami was a clear sign of rebellion.

Everything was happiness until her father forced her to break up with her boyfriend, since he had another person in mind who was going to be her future husband... However, Mami rebelled, but to no avail, for she knew from that moment on that love is meaningless when people cling to old traditions.

Then, one day, a strange person approached Mami's boyfriend and told him "something".

Later that day, Mami received a text message from her boyfriend, who told her that he was ending the relationship because he met someone else.

That's how Mami felt that the "little baby" inside her died.

From then on, Mami just resigned herself to moving on with her life. And although she wanted to leave home, she knew she couldn't support herself, so she continued under her father's strict orders.

In the end, Mami knew from the beginning that wanting to form a life with the boyfriend she had was just a way of wanting to escape her father's chains.

In this way, Mami knew that wanting to separate "love" from "true love" is a stupid way of labeling them. That's why when she sees two people who love each other, she feels the need to want to destroy that love.

Now, coming back to the present, Mami, who is smiling and handing an envelope to Chizuru, thinks, "To those people who claim to be in love, I say stop playing boyfriend and girlfriend."

Next time: "Just an idiot".

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  1. Finally something interesting !!!

  2. It's look like mami also want ruined kazuya love story like her already had

  3. Thanks Mami-chan!! Thanks to you this manga is more entertaining.

  4. Finally. One of the resons why I was reading this manga was to find out what was Mami's deal

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