Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 333 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 333

Chapter 333: Apparition

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Shiharaki mentions that he did not want One For All to meet with the New Order, as it would affect his plans. However, Star and Stripe's recklessness made him act even with the incomplete body.

Thus, Shigaraki steals the New Order from Star and Stripe and tells her that he has won. However, Star and Stripe still has a few seconds before she loses her quirk, so she uses a new order.

However, Shigaraki takes things in stride, as he knows he has won, and also because the order Star and Stripe tried to use failed. So, from one moment to the next, he uses Star and Stripe's quirk, and just before he says an order, he appears in the vestige world and comes face to face with Star and Stripe.

Suddenly, Shigaraki's body contracts and explodes.

Star and Stripe then says that she realized that killing Shigaraki was going to be difficult, so she created a special order for the New Order to reveal itself against other quirks.

Later, Star and Stripe creates a giant version of herself and fights different silhouettes within the world of All For One.

Then, Star and Stripe comments that she let Shigaraki steal her quirk to defeat All For One from the inside. And that, between taking down a global threat and getting out alive, the answer is very obvious.

Thus, Star and Stripe say goodbye to their friends and thank them for everything they did.

Faced with such a situation, Shigaraki does not know how to get rid of Star and Stripe's quirk, since the only thing he can do is "steal and give" quirks, but not eliminate them.

And as the seconds pass, Shigaraki tries to give the quirk to the pilots, but they shoot several lasers at him, saying that they cannot allow Star and Stripe's sacrifice to be in vain.

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