Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 289 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 289

Chapter 289: My girlfriend and her friend - Part 3

Short summary.

Continuing with the events of the past chapter, Umi tells Chizuru that she doesn't expect him to give her an answer to her confession now, since he also told her the same thing at that meeting she and Kazuya went to. However, he makes it clear to her that he does feel jealous knowing that she is living with Kazuya.

Hearing that, Kazuya finally understands why Chizuru had that sad look on her face after talking to Umi at the meeting they both went to.

At that instant, Chizuru tries to say something, but is interrupted by Umi, who tells her to give him a little more time to try to make him like her; besides, he feels that he is at a disadvantage right now.

Once Umi says that, he takes a cab and leaves.

Seeing that, Mini and Kazuya are shocked and speechless.

After that, Mini and Kazuya return home.

Faced with such a situation, Mini tries to cheer up Kazuya, but he is still too depressed by what he had just seen. And as he is immersed in his thoughts, a few tears begin to run down his face.

At that moment, Chizuru arrives at the house.

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