Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 212 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 212

Chapter 212: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 25

While lying on the bed in her room, Mami receives an unexpected text message from Grandma Nagomi, who tells her that she needs to talk to her. Then, for a moment, Mami is thoughtful, but then responds to the message, asking what she wants to talk about.

And after a brief moment, Grandma Nagomi responds to the message, telling Mami that she could hear the conversation she had with Chizuru in the bathroom, and that she is concerned that she is "the victim of something," so she would like to know what is going on.

Seeing the message, Mami is a bit surprised. And after a moment, she tells herself that now is the perfect time for Chizuru to tell the truth.

On the other hand, Chizuru, who is sitting on the stairs of a chapel, receives a text message from Mami, who asks her where she is. And upon seeing the message, Chizuru is a bit surprised, and then replies that she is taking a walk around the hotel facilities.

And as the seconds pass, Chizuru starts to worry as she waits for an answer, when suddenly, Mami sends her another text message, telling her that she can't wait any longer.

In such a situation, Chizuru's concern increases even more, when suddenly Kazuya appears.

"What's wrong? Why are you suddenly coming here...!?" asks Chizuru worriedly.

However, Kazuya doesn't say anything, and once he is in front of Chizuru, he thinks that he will definitely tell the truth today.

On the other hand, Kuribayashi tries to say something to Ruka, while some people around think that he is going to confess. So, faced with such a situation, Ruka makes things clear to him, since, after all, she needs to go look for Kazuya and Chizuru, and she can't afford to waste her time with Kuribayashi.

Suddenly, Kuribayashi falls into the pool. And seeing him in such a deplorable state, Ruka feels pity for him and decides to stay.

Thus, Ruka enters the pool and says, "It's too cold to be outside."

Hearing that, Kuribayashi blushes, while Ruka asks him what he wants to talk about.

Meanwhile, Kazuya tells Chizuru that he has something important to tell her. And seeing him so serious, Chizuru decides to listen to him.

Next time: "The words of resolution".

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  1. flash f ing backs, enough is enough, god please!!!

  2. Either the author decides that he will have the two of the together dealing with Mami's bs, or he is simply iving the middle finger to all of his readers. For crying out loud, look at how the previous chaper ended!

    1. You are right. The previous chapter was really silly. And I think the way things are going, we'll have more flashbacks.

  3. And this is just the beginning of at least 4 more flashbacks.

  4. what the f*ck dude im done reading this manga image it takes every week to wait to read this fucking manga and still nothing happen in their relation kazuya still a rent boyfriend come on dude just say feelings it almost 200+ chapter what the heck... image that pleasee f*king author plss end it...

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