Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 335 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Fertilized egg

After an arduous investigation, All Might comments that, based on the results obtained by the jets, the New Order has become a kind of poison that is now affecting Shigaraki's entire body.

And knowing that, the students of the academy believe that they now have a chance to win, as the civilians have been evacuated, and that can be used as leverage for all the heroes to go on the attack.

However, All Might tells them that it is not possible, at this time, to predict what All For One will do.

Then All Might begins to list all the villains, saying that, compared to the heroes, there are more of them, and that's why it's not convenient to get into a full-scale fight. So he asks the students to take advantage of the time they have to train as much as they can.

And hearing that, Bakugo gets angry and says that they have already trained enough during all this time. However, All Might didn't know that, since he only kept an eye on Deku since that time he got out of the hospital.

Moment later, Deku asks if they will help him to unleash the full potential of the One For All. And hearing that, Bakugo yells at him, telling him that he will use with him the new technique he has and that it will be a good warm up before the fight against Shigaraki.

At that moment, the other students start talking about their techniques and also what they will do to train them.

Seeing them talk like that, All Might recalls their first training at the academy and then says that now these "little eggs" have hatched, and not only that, but they also faced a big storm and have since become birds that will cross the sky.

"Class 1-A is strong, All For One," All Might thinks.

On the other hand, in the villains' lair, Shigaraki is screaming in pain. So All For One asks him to calm down and wait for his body to stabilize. Next to him is Toga.

Then, faced with such a situation, Shigaraki starts to say that he hates Star and Stripe and wants to end it all. He also says that his hatred will not end as long as there are people who make him remember All Might.

Sensing Shigaraki's anger, All For One smiles and pats him on the head, telling him that he has done a good job, as although he may not have been able to take the New Order, he has eliminated a big obstacle.

Then All For One says that he wants to wait a little more time before he starts with the attack. And hearing that, Toya gets impatient, saying that he can't stand the thought of his father being alive.

Hearing that, All For One tells Toya that the difference between the two of them is that he likes to plan everything and create different routes that will lead him to the same goal. He also tells him that he has a lot of friends and that will serve him well in gaining victory.

And as All For One continues to talk, the silhouette of Toru Hagakure becomes visible.

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