Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 221 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 221

Chapter 221: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 34

Well, this will be a short summary.

In the first six pages we see everyone very surprised, no one says a single word.

Then Mami, true to her style, notices that her cell phone has fallen, so she reaches over to pick it up as she says, "Oh, sorry...I dropped it without realizing."

Seconds later, Mami sees Chizuru's profile on the rental girlfriend app. And since we already know what she's like, she appears surprised as she grabs her cell phone and tries to hide it so Grandma Nagomi won't see anything — but it's too late, Mami-chan 😂 —.

Now the situation has become even more complicated for Kazuya and Chizuru, who are still very surprised and shocked.

Suddenly, Kibe says that he thought he saw Chizuru in the picture that says "rental girlfriend". And then Kazuya's mom asks Chizuru if she is really a rental girlfriend.

Quickly, Mami tries to solve the bombshell she dropped, saying that it's a collaboration picture for a prank. However, Kazuya's parents don't believe that lie.

The only one who doesn't say anything so far is Grandma Nagomi, who takes away Mami's cell phone and stares at Chizuru's profile.

Then Kazuya's mom asks Chizuru if that's her part-time job, to which she remains silent. So Kazuya begins to analyze the situation, concluding that he still has a way out of this problem.

But it all falls apart the moment his dad asks him if the money from that time was for "it".

"Huh? Money!?" asks Kazuya's mom in surprise.

"Yes...that time I saw him handing money to Chizuru-san," replies Kazuya's dad.

Once again, the situation gets complicated for Kazuya, as his parents come to the deliberate conclusion that their son rents girlfriends — if only they knew 😂 —.

Now Kazuya knows very well that he can no longer hide the truth.

And to add more emotion to this dramatic novel, Mami shows a face of regret as she apologizes to Kazuya and Chizuru.

"I... I couldn't hide it anymore...!!" exclaims Mami, who looks very, very sorry (yeah, sure 😂).

Next time: "The future one second ahead".

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  1. It seems like a disappointing chapter. This time Mami couldn't do more.

  2. I knew Mami was planning to show or tell Kazuya's grandmother the truth.

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