Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 227 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 227

Chapter 227: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 40

Well, this week I'll also post another short summary — I think it's getting to be a habit, ha ha.

Okay, first we start where we left off in the last chapter: Chizuru kissing Kazuya — yes, it was real and not a dream.

As the seconds pass, Kazuya blushes quite a bit — as usual —, while the others are speechless: they are very surprised.

And so we move forward a few more pages — where we see the kiss of the two —, until, slowly, Chizuru stops kissing Kazuya while blushing quite a lot.

Kazuya is shocked.

Then Chizuru turns around, lowers her head and apologizes to the others for lying to them, and tells them that she is indeed a rental girlfriend and that her real name is Chizuru Ichinose.

And once Chizuru explains the situation to them — she told them that at first Kazuya was her client, but she eventually fell in love with him — she says, "Right now.... I really am Kazuya's girlfriend!".

Everyone is very surprised, especially Mami, who is not only surprised, but annoyed — and, apparently, frustrated, ha ha.

Next time: "Struggle".

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  1. See? I knew Mami would be very upset

  2. This author again abused the pages, too many for a kiss. Anyway, at least the kiss was real.

  3. Well, there wasn't much to tell either, because this author as usual abused the amount of pages for a kiss, but at least there is a breakthrough. Hopefully the manga will be finished this year.

  4. Thanks man! Your summaries are always good.

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