Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 225 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 225

Chapter 225: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 38

At Mami's sudden request, Ruka remembers what her life has been like before she knew Kazuya, when her heart didn't beat with the same intensity as it does now, even though she always tried to find someone who could make her feel that way.

It is for that very reason that when Ruka saw that Kazuya made her feel different, she knew she found her prince who could take her out of that colorless world. However, there was a problem: he was already in love with someone else.

And it is because of that, that, at times, Ruka felt a lot of anxiety, as she knew she didn't stand a chance with Kazuya. But, even so, she loves him with all her heart.

Once Ruka finishes remembering all that, Kazuya tells Mami that there's no need to kiss Chizuru, since it wouldn't be appropriate to do it in front of everyone.

And seeing him act that way, Ruka starts to analyze the situation and concludes that Mami did all this on purpose, and then wonders to herself what she should do now: help? or let the whole lie end?

As the seconds pass, Ruka starts to become distressed as she thinks it's best to let the lie end and, that way, Chizuru will disappear from Kazuya's life.

"Kazuya-kun, we're linked by fate, you know that, right?", Ruka thinks.

At that instant, Ruka decides not to help Kazuya, but then she looks at Grandma Nagomi's expression and remembers the conversation she had with her a day before.

In that conversation, Ruka asked Grandma Nagomi why she invited her on the trip, since, if you take into account how compulsive she is to lie and, moreover, that she is always in the middle of Chizuru and Kazuya's relationship, it would be normal for her not to have invited her.

When she heard that, Grandma Nagomi smiled and told her that the answer is very simple.

"I like you too, Ruka-dono!" said Grandma Nagomi, who then mentioned that, thanks to her, she was able to feel young again.

Before such an answer, Ruka looked a little surprised. And then, Grandma Nagomi smiled and told her that she loved her too.

The moment Ruka finishes remembering that, Grandma Nagomi looks at Kazuya as if asking for a proof that what he said is true.

Now Kazuya doesn't know what to do. But, suddenly, Ruka intervenes and, with a smile, says, "Everyone, please... the expression on your faces are scaring me.... And since the two of them have said they're dating.... why don't we just leave it at that?".

Hearing that, Mami gets angry.

Next time: "Because I love you".

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  1. This is the shortest summary in the world, LOL

  2. mami angry ? who tf she think she is? his mother? his grandma? his gf? fkin whore

    1. Exactly! She doesn't even a part of their family, but Interfering in their business just to break their relationship. Till now, I know that she is waste character.

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