Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 228 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 228

Chapter 228: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 41

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Chizuru tells the others that she is Kazuya's real girlfriend. And, for a moment, there is silence in the place.

Seconds later, Chizuru gives Kazuya a little punch on his arm to make him react. And then, Kazuya, who is blushing, starts to say that it's all true in an "ah, yeah, yeah, sure, we're boyfriend and girlfriend" kind of way.

And while Chizuru looks at him with "cat eyes", Kazuya tells the others that from now on they will do their best not to disappoint Sayuri.

At such a situation, Ruka is stunned, and then tries to say something, but is suddenly interrupted by Mami, who, with a smile, says, "I couldn't see well. Did they really kiss!?".

Hearing that, Kazuya and Chizuru are taken aback, while Mami starts to say that that kiss was probably on the cheek and that they are trying to trick them again.

"Kibe-chan, that kiss wasn't visible, was it?" asks Mami with a smile.

"Ah... yeah, well..." answers Kibe a bit confused.

At that instant, Chizuru and Grandma Nagomi exchange glances. So, faced with such a scenario, Chizuru does it again: she stares at Kazuya, takes him by the hand and, in front of the others, kisses him.

Now Kazuya can't contain his "excitement". And as the others look on in utter amazement, Chizuru slowly pulls her lips away from Kazuya's and says, "Well, what did you think of that?"

"It seemed like a very real kiss to me..." says Kibe in amazement.

Meanwhile, Mami is speechless that her plan failed.

Suddenly, a worker of the place appears and tells Chizuru that she can't be doing that kind of thing in front of the other customers. So Grandma Nagomi, who has been silent, apologizes to the worker and then asks Kazuya and Chizuru to accompany her to her room.

After that, Chizuru and Kazuya tell Grandma Nagomi the whole truth, such as that they are neighbors, the way they made the movie and that they study together, but of course, keeping only one lie: that they two have been dating since two weeks before Sayuri's death until now.

Once everything is clear, Grandma Nagomi apologizes to Chizuru for all the trouble caused and also for judging her without first hearing her side. She (Grandma Nagomi) then smacks Kazuya upside the head and tells him that all this trouble was because he didn't tell Mami the truth.

Now that everything is settled, Grandma Nagomi, Kazuya and Chizuru go back to the others since it's dinner time.

And once everyone — except one — is together, Mami, who is hiding behind a wall, looks angrily at Chizuru.

Next time: "Reminder".

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  1. Wow, I am really happy, but I have a feeling that Mami is planning to do something worse to break them up or show more truth to Kazuya's grandmother

    1. They already confessed everything and she can't show any more truth, because there isn't any left. I think she will try something dirty. That's how idiotic her character is.

  2. Hey when is the full summary of this chapter gonna be uploaded ?

  3. Which time zone do u live in cause for me it's already monday morning

  4. Hey when are you gonna upload the summary for chapter 229 ?

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