Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 236 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 236

Chapter 236: The girlfriend and the kiss - Part 5

Short summary.

Well, first we see Kazuya (in bad shape) lying on his bed while reading the messages he sent to Chizuru via Line. He wonders if she has blocked him.

Thus, Kazuya spends several minutes trying to find a way to find out if Chizuru has blocked him on Line. And after a moment, he sends a sticker, since, only that way, you can know if a person has blocked you.

After that, Yaemori appears to tell Kazuya that she has talked to Chizuru. And once the two are done talking, Kazuya starts crying because now he knows that Chizuru doesn't hate him.

"Thank you, Yaemori-san!" says Kazuya.

That same day, at night, Kazuya receives a notification from the rental girlfriend app, where he sees that Chizuru has accepted his request.

Now it's March 1, and Kazuya will have a date with Chizuru, as what started with a rental, will end with another rental.

Next time: "Afternoon tea".

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