Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 285 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 285

Chapter 285:

Short spoiler.

Well, there's not much to tell, as we continue with the same events of the last chapter and see Kazuya acting as he always does: blushing and imagining Chizuru in some slightly erotic situation.

And as the game progresses, the two get a little closer, causing Kazuya to be under a lot of pressure as he has Chizuru's breasts very close to him.

At that moment, Kazuya imagined Yaemori as a kind of Demon King manipulating Chizuru like a puppet.

Then, Chizuru decides to get up and shyly says that she will go to change her pants. And seeing that, Kazuya thought she got angry.

Once Chizuru leaves, Kazuya, who is upset, tells Yaemori that if Chizuru hates him, it would be because of her, to which she tells him that won't happen.

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