Domestic na Kanojo: author of the manga reveals that is already working on a new work

Recently, Kei Sasuga, author of the manga Domestic na Kanojo, revealed through her Twitter account that she is already working on a new work.

"Thank you! Everything is fine!" tweeted Sasuga in response to a user who supported her in the face of constant criticism that she had received due to the ending she gave to the manga Domestic na Kanojo. "I know there are many people who love my work, and I can feel it every day. So for those who enjoyed it, I'm starting a new work. Please wait for it!"

Let's remember that, months ago, Sasuga revealed through her Twitter account that the anime adaptation of Domestic na Kanojo was not going to have a second season, since "she doesn't plan to do it". The author disclosed that information due to the constant questions she had received from foreign readers.

Last October, Sasuga published in the number 48 (of the year 2020) of the magazine Shūkan Shōnen Magazine a one-shot manga with the theme "isekai" of her work Domestic na Kanojo.

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  1. Wow! Interesting, I wonder what is the name of her new manga? I still love Domestic na Kanojo and I always support that manga. That does not means that she deserves hates because she works so hard on that manga and everyone should not hate this manga.

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