Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 322 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 322

Chapter 322: Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite

Despite knowing that he can free himself from Iida's grip, Deku tells himself that he does not have the strength to do so.

At that moment, Uraraka deactivates her quirk, causing Deku and Iida to fall from the sky. But nothing bad happens to them, as Kirishima catches them.

He then mentions that some time ago he heard a story about a student who saved his classmate from a villain. So he asks him if it was him.

Meanwhile, Iida is surprised to see that Kirishima was at the right time and place to catch them when they fell from the sky. And hearing that, Kirishima tells him that it was an order from Endeavor.

Then Mina asks Deku to please come back to the academy so they can all be together again. However, Deku tells her that he can't do that, as it would put them in grave danger, but he also tells her that he really longs to return with them.

At that moment, Bakugo intervenes and asks Deku if he remembers what he told him that time when they fought with Shigaraki, to which he tells him that he does not. Bakugo then tells him that at that time he told him "not to try to win alone".

In this way, Bakugo begins to tell Deku how he really feels about him, as he always looked at him as someone inferior, but at the same time he was afraid of his hidden potential, one that was even capable of surpassing him.

Suddenly, Bakugo lowers his head and apologizes to Deku for everything he did to him in the past.

Then Bakugo tells Deku that the path he chose, just like All Might and the other One For All users, is not wrong, but it also has a limit, as there are things they can't do alone.

And while Deku is still listening, Bakugo asks him to share his burden with the others, as only that way they will be able to overcome All Might. He also tells him that it is their duty to protect the academy and the civilians there. In this way, they will win by saving the others.

Hearing that, Deku is perplexed and doesn't know what to say, when he suddenly starts to regret saying that they won't be able to keep up with him. And just as he was about to apologize, he faints, but Bakugo quickly catches him.

After that, Deku regains consciousness, and when he opens his eyes, he realizes that he is arriving at the academy, where there is now a large barrier active.

And as they are entering, his classmates start bragging about the defense that the academy has, saying that Deku will be safe no matter what.

However, at that instant, a few civilians appear, who are protesting for Deku to leave, saying that he is the boy being chased by Shigaraki.

At that instant, Present Mic appears and tries to control the situation, but still the civilians continue to protest, mentioning that Deku's presence endangers everyone and that it would have been better for them to stay at home.

Hearing all this, Deku decides to leave the academy, but at that moment Uraraka grabs him by the hand and tells him that everything will be fine.

At the same time, Uraraka tells herself that she cannot waste the opportunity that her other classmates have created for Deku to stay. She also wonders who will save the heroes when they are suffering.

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