Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 324 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 324

Chapter 324: A teenager's request

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Uraraka mentions that she always liked to see people happy. And that whenever she saw a hero in action, she paid more attention to the expressions of others.

As Uraraka continues to speak, the other people begin to see the true appearance of Deku, who looks tired and weakened.

Then the woman who was saved by Deku speaks, telling about how he saved her and then left to continue fighting more villains.

Suddenly, a man interjects and asks if they will also have to get covered in mud and blood, to which Uraraka tells him no, as they just need to give Deku the time he needs to get cleaned up and rest.

Seeing Uraraka's determination, the other students are quite surprised. Then Iida tells Deku that Uraraka is doing her best to protect everyone's smile.

At that instant, Deku begins to cry, to then loudly exclaim Uraraka's name, who continues to give her speech.

Then, Uraraka mentions that it is complicated to calm the civilians, as the heroes themselves are scared, which leaves them in the same position as the others.

Then Uraraka asks herself who will save the frightened heroes.

Seconds later, Uraraka asks the civilians for help so that they can overcome this difficult moment, for only then will they be able to smile again.

Suddenly, Uraraka remembers Toga crying and hesitates for a moment. But then she continues speaking, asking the civilians to stay by Deku's side. She then explains to them that Deku is trying to carry everything because of the power he has; however, he still needs help, since he is, after all, just a high school student.

At that moment, Deku remembers the first time he saw Uraraka and falls to his knees while crying.

At the same time, Uraraka exclaims for Deku to stay at the academy.

Subsequently, Deku mentions that this is the story about how he became the greatest hero and, likewise, his friends as well.

Meanwhile, Nezu recalls about how sometimes it is hard to make the first step for people to understand.

Then Kota and the woman who spoke at the beginning approach Deku, who is still crying on the floor.

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