Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 325 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 325

Chapter 325: Connected by One For All

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Mineta tries to approach Deku, but Iida stops him, telling him that it's not his turn.

Meanwhile, Kota apologizes to Deku for not doing anything, as he was paralyzed due to his fear. But then he tells him that this fear disappeared when he heard the woman who was saved by him speak, as he felt very motivated to know how he protected her.

At that instant, the woman, who was saved earlier by Deku, is crying while saying that many shelters turned her away due to the rarity she has. She then tells Deku that she was very lucky to find him and thanks him by calling him "Mr. Crying Hero".

Hearing that, Deku falls silent, while Kota and the woman hug him.

Then an old man starts defending Deku, saying that all civilians are hysterical, as it is clear that Deku doesn't want to stay in the shelter forever, and that everything he did was because there were no heroes to protect the city. In this way, the old man mentions that it is only fair that Deku should now take a rest.

Seconds later, the old man tells the civilians that they have become accustomed to being just "spectators", since All Might did all the work, they forgot that deep down a hero also has a soul. He then tells them that many heroes quit after the war, and that only those who have an unbreakable will remained. And to end his speech, the old man asks everyone how much longer they will continue to be spectators.

At that instant, one of the civilians, who previously opposed Deku, begins to speak, saying that some call Deku the henchman of All For One, and others call him the best weapon of the heroes. So, faced with such a situation, the civilian comments that all that has left him confused and that's why he didn't know if he should allow Deku to stay at the academy. He then asks Deku if after resting, he will be able to make everything go back to normal.

Hearing that, Deku tells him that they will all fight to make things the way they were before.

On the other hand, Ectoplasm meets with Endeavor, Todoroki and Hawks, who are outside the academy. He asks them if they heard Uraraka's speech, to then tell them that they better go inside, as they surely don't want to miss what's going on inside.

Hearing that, Endeavor starts blaming himself for everything that is happening to Deku. However, Hawks tells him that this is not the case, as progress is right in front of his eyes. He also tells him that One For All is a power that was formed by the connection between people, and because of that, All Might was able to connect with Deku, who then connected with Class A, and now Uraraka is doing the same with the civilians.

On the other hand, the civilians are handing out umbrellas for all the students.

Then Hawks comments that if from now on all people start thinking about the " whole", then there is a great probability that a society will be formed in which heroes will have all the time in the world.

Moment later, Todoroki reminds Endeavor that together they must stop Toya, to which Endeavor says yes.

Meanwhile, Nezu is on the phone with Aizawa, telling him that he couldn't do anything to convince the civilians; however, his students could. And hearing that, Aizawa asks him to tell Iida that he did a good job. Then Nezu asks him how he is doing with his new leg, to which Aizawa tells him that he hasn't gotten used to using it yet.

Aizawa then tells Nezu that there is still no progress with Kurogiri, to which Nezu tells him that they should still hold out hope.

Aizawa also tells him that they are still searching for Toga and that they have taken the necessary steps to prevent her from infiltrating the academy. He then tells him that now is the time for them to take revenge.

On the other hand, All Might is outside the academy and shows a worried face.

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