Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 336 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Villain

While they are training, Bakugo tells Deku that his Cluster technique is based on the principle of "concentrating" and "releasing" so that, in this way, he produces multiple spheres of sweat, which then explode. He also tells him that this is why he wears a winter suit, as it helps him sweat more.

Meanwhile, Todoroki is also training, as he wants to improve the control of his two powers.

At the same time, Kaminari is having a conversation with Mineta about the current situation they are in. He tells him that, now that the two enemy generals are weakened and Gigantomachia is imprisoned and sleeping, they have a better chance of winning.

And hearing him talk that way, Bakugo approaches and tells Kaminari and Mineta that they are too optimistic, as he has 3 points that prove that what is coming will be very difficult. As the first point, Bakugo says that they are unlikely to find All For One, as even when they found Shigaraki's hideout, they found no trace of him, not to mention that he knew how to hide when he lost the first time against All Might.

As a second point, he tells them that Shigaraki was weakened in the last battle, and despite that, it was difficult for them to face him. So now it will be even more complicated, since there are fewer heroes.

And as a third and last point, he tells them that now the villains must be waiting for the right moment to attack them. So, for now, it will be best to wait for their attack.

Joining the conversation is Deku, who says he still wants to go after All For One and the rest of the villains. However, Iida, who hits him over the head, tells him to stop thinking about himself, as they are now one group making decisions together.

On the other hand, Hagakure is in a forest, saying that "a certain person" is depressed since the end of the last battle. She observes from a distance three people who are talking, where one of them tells another that "he" has returned to give orders and that his duty is to continue doing the usual so that no one suspects.

Then, faced with such a situation, Hagakure remembers that "that person" was not happy when Deku returned to the academy. So she went to look for him to ask him if he was okay, but she got a big surprise.... Aoyama is the traitor.

The three people talking are Aoyama and his parents, who tell him that he must follow All For One's orders, or else he will kill them.

And while they are still talking, Hagakure is listening to everything and says that Aoyama already followed All For One's orders in the past, in fact, it was when the school year started.

Despite having followed All For One's orders, Aoyama, who is crying, tells his parents that he can no longer obey "him" orders. However, his parents tell him that they have no choice and that they are not doing it because they like him either, only that it is too late to repent and object.

In the past, Aoyama was born without powers. And because his parents wanted their son to be happy, they asked All For One to give their son a quirk so that he can pursue his dreams.

At that moment, Hagakure realizes that she has report everything she has seen to a teacher, but suddenly someone approaches her.

Meanwhile, Aoyama continues to cry, saying that he has suffered enough all this time and that he only continued to do so because he didn't want his parents to be killed. Although for a moment he felt he could live peacefully when he learned that All For One had been defeated. However, it was all in vain, as nothing changed.

Seeing him crying, his parents apologize to him, when suddenly Deku, who was brought by Hagakure, appears.

Then, Deku tells Aoyama that he heard from Hagakure that there is a traitor, so he asks him if it is true. But he says nothing, while his parents try to deny everything.

Seconds later, Aoyama begins to cry inconsolably and takes all the blame, saying that he is the traitor.

"I'm a disgusting villain, Midoriya," Aoyama says through tears.

Now, we see a flashback sequence of some cheeses that Aoyama left on Deku's balcony, which says, "I know everything."

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