Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 216 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 216

Chapter 216: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 29

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Mami takes Chizuru by the hand to the room where they will meet Grandma Nagomi. And as the two continue walking, Chizuru remembers what happened minutes before.

At that moment, Chizuru refused the request of Mami, who wanted to rent her.

"Please take that away from me. I'll go with you," Chizuru said.

Seeing her react that way, Mami was thoughtful and then called Grandma Nagomi to tell her that she was with Chizuru and that she will go with her to the room where she is. In this way, and with a smile, Mami held out her hand to Chizuru and said, "Let's go, Chizuru-san."

Returning to the present, Mami asks Chizuru if she was able to tell her grandmother the truth before she died.

"... No," Chizuru replies.

Suddenly, Mami hugs Chizuru and tells her that it is very painful what she had to go through, but that she doesn't have to worry anymore, as she will help her in any way she can.

"It's not your fault, Chizuru-san," says Mami, who then holds Kazuya responsible for everything.

In this way, they both continue walking towards the room where Grandma Nagomi is.

On the other hand, in the pool, Ruka, who is uncomfortable, wonders to herself why Kuribayashi has remained silent, since, from the beginning, she only stayed with him to listen to what he was going to tell her.

"So!? What do you have to say!?" exclaims Ruka.

Once again, Kuribayashi remains silent, to which Ruka tells him to speak up at once and if he has a problem with her, don't worry about telling her everything to her face.

"Come on, say it! I'm sure you'll feel better!" says Ruka.

Then, hearing her talk like that, Kuribayashi tells her that it's not like that, since, actually, he feels very happy to have met her. Besides, he is no longer angry about what happened that time and that, in fact, it was all his fault for not getting a real girlfriend and acting like a show-off.

"I just felt the need to say it..." says Kuribayashi, who then walks away.

And watching him walk away, Ruka stares at him while wondering what that was all about.

Meanwhile, Mami and Chizuru are in a room talking about the wedding ring, when suddenly Mami starts saying that, on her third date with Kazuya, he asked her to meet his grandmother.

"Nagomi-san is not a bad person, but... there's something wrong with the whole Kinoshita family," Mami says with a smile.

At that moment, Mami starts to talk bad about Kazuya and his family. And once she finishes speaking her mind, she tells Chizuru that they better hurry to go meet with Grandma Nagomi.

However, Chizuru, who is upset by what Mami said, exclaims, "Take back what you just said...!"

Next time: "Turn around".

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    1. your hopium is so.... well you know that answer

  2. i also heard a rumor that this chapter announces the manga will end soon


    1. I just saw it a moment ago too, and I thought it was something related to this ch. But where does it say it will end? I don't understand Korean.

    2. Hi idk42

      I have also seen it, but I am not sure about that information.


  3. Why will the manga end soon, and how many chapters are left? I hope 217 will not be the last chapter.

    1. jakal confirmed that the manga is not going to ens soon.

    2. Maybe it's not the end of the manga, but the end of the arc.
      Sometimes Koreans get the spoiler right and sometimes they don't.

  4. Spoilers were true, except for the last part that the manga is ending.

  5. So the confession was a "confrontation" from Chizuru to Mami. At least the spoilers were true.
    By the way, this chapter was actually good.

  6. Just why Mami is talking so badly about kazuya ?? He didn’t do anything to her !!

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