Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 342 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 342

Chapter 342: The calm before the storm

Inside the academy there are two civilians who are passing a message from All For One, who has given a new order, calling for an uprising involving those who still doubt the heroes.

All For One gave that order because Shigaraki must be ready in less than a week and needs to make sure that Deku leaves the academy.

On the other hand, in the dormitories, the students are returning exhausted from the patrol. And seeing them in that state, Iida, who takes off his mask — although, in fact, the mask comes off automatically — tells them that it is important to help the professional heroes and that there is no time to complain.

At that moment, Deku thinks that he actually wanted some time to be able to talk to the others, when he suddenly looks at Uraraka and starts to feel a bit sorry, as he still couldn't thank her properly.

Moment later, All Might arrives, accompanied by Tsukauchi and Nezu, to the students' room. And upon seeing him, Momo asks him if he came to give news about Aoyama, to which Tsukauchi says yes.

Then All Might tells the students that he also came to discuss Plan B for the final battle.

Meanwhile, Endeavor, Hawks, Best Jeanist and Ragdoll, who are in a destroyed room, are talking about "something".

As time passes, All Might tells the students what Plan B is. While Aoyama is still imprisoned.

The next day, the civilians are discussing about an announcement that the director made moments before, when he said that Shigaraki will start moving in four days.

At that moment, the civilian who had been passing on the information from All For One, shows a face of astonishment.

After that, the Class 1-A students prepare to leave the academy. So Kota approaches Deku and asks him if he is really going to leave, to which he says yes, since he was able to rest a lot and now he is much better.

Suddenly, the infiltrator starts to say that this is all nonsense and that it would be best for the heroes to stay at the academy. Although he is also pleased to learn that Deku will be leaving, since, somehow or other, All For One's order was fulfilled.

Once the students say goodbye to their relatives, they head to a facility, which is called Troy and is located 30 km away from the academy. That place was built by Cementoss, Ectoplasm and Power Loader, and has rooms similar to the academy.

Deku then looks out the window and sees Uraraka alone, so he decides to accompany her. Once he meets her, he thanks her for the speech she gave, to which Uraraka tells him it was no big deal.

Moment later, Deku asks Uraraka why she was alone, to which she tells him that she is guarding the city. Suddenly, they both fall silent and then Uraraka says that she thinks she's strange.

Quickly, Deku tells Uraraka that she is not and begins to tell her all of her qualities, causing her to blush and ask him to stop.

On the other hand, Iida, Bakugo and Kirishima go to Todoroki's room to talk about Toya and give him their support. And once they finish talking, Todoroki thanks them and says that they will probably end up stopping his brother.

And while Deku and Uraraka are guarding the city, All For One, who is holding a communicator, says, "Let's get started."

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