Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 222 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 222

Chapter 222: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 35

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Grandma Nagomi recalls the first time she met Chizuru, when Kazuya introduced her as his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Mami continues with the performance, apologizing to Kazuya and Chizuru for no longer being able to hide the truth.

And upon hearing that, Kazuya's parents are even more shocked, as they can't believe that Chizuru is indeed a rent-a-girlfriend.

"They know! Now it's all over!" thinks Kazuya, who, little by little, begins to enter despair to the point of seeing everything blurred.

And as Kazuya is immersed in his thoughts, thinking that it's all over, suddenly Grandma Nagomi intervenes and says, "Enough, all of you."

Then Grandma Nagomi stares at Kazuya and asks him if Chizuru is really a rent-a-girlfriend.

And seeing his grandmother so calm, Kazuya doesn't know what to say. And in the end, that silence is interpreted by the grandmother as all being true.

"I see... Now I understand everything..." says Grandma Nagomi while showing a sad look.

At that instant, Kazuya thinks that the only thing he can do is to tell the whole truth, blame everything on himself and then apologize, no matter if he gets beaten.

Suddenly, Mami intervenes, apologizing to Chizuru for not being careful. And hearing that, Kazuya thinks Mami is trying to help. However, it's quite the opposite.

In an unbelievable way, Mami makes it look like Chizuru threatened her not to say anything. And upon hearing that, Kazuya's parents are stunned, while Kazuya can't believe the big lie his psycho ex-girlfriend is telling.

Quickly, Chizuru tries to stop Mami, but she keeps talking, apologizing to Grandma Nagomi for not telling her the truth and also tells her that even Kazuya got a job so he can keep renting Chizuru.

Then Mami exclaims that Chizuru never intended to marry Kazuya despite receiving the wedding ring.

"Wait a minute, Mami-san!" exclaims Kazuya's dad. "What...are you trying to tell us!? That Chizuru-san has been cheating on us?"

For a moment, Mami is silent, but then she says that she doesn't know if Chizuru was trying to deceive everyone, as she initially thought it was all Kazuya's fault for continuing to rent her; however, she eventually realized that this was not the case.

Then, in a great performance, Mami, in tears, says that no matter the situation, Chizuru is always smiling as a way to continue her job as a rental girlfriend.

And hearing that, Grandma Nagomi remembers the times she met Chizuru, and in all those times, she was always smiling.

It is at that moment when Grandma Nagomi is surprised and remembers Sayuri.

Next time: "The final act".

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  1. So nothing happen, great.......!!!!

  2. I really hope the people giving the spoilers are purposely keeping things out and vague

  3. i want to send mami to isekai so bad, a true figure of villain that is carefully created

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