Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 223 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 223

Chapter 223: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 36

Now that all has been revealed, Grandma Nagomi recalls a conversation she had with Sayuri at the hospital, when she was inquiring about Chizuru and also telling her that she couldn't believe that a beauty like her granddaughter would be with the 'ugly of her grandson'.

"But Kazuya-kun is a great guy," Sayuri said with a smile.

Then Sayuri told her that that was the first time her beloved granddaughter introduced a boyfriend to her and that, despite some differences Kazuya and Chizuru have, she believes in the future they both can create, where they will be surrounded by children and each other's families. And that no matter what difficulties they encounter along the way, they will make it through.

And as the two continued to talk, we slowly come back to the present.

"Come on! This must all be a misunderstanding. I don't think Chizuru-san lied to us," says Kazuya's mom, who then looks in a worried way at Chizuru as if wanting her to tell her that it's all a lie.

However, Chizuru doesn't know what to say.

Suddenly, Kibe, who looks very shocked, intervenes and says that it must be a lie, since he always saw Kazuya and Chizuru together, and besides, she defended him that time they met with his friends and Mami, and not only that, but Kazuya risked his life to save her when they went to the beach.

Hearing all that, Kazuya falls silent, again, while Kibe goes into despair as he says, "So.... You mean this was all an act as part of her work as a rental girlfriend...!?".

Not knowing what to say, Chizuru and Kazuya remain silent, while Kibe asks them if a rental girlfriend can do something like receive a wedding ring, since they even tricked Grandma Nagomi.

"Come on, Kazuya. Say something! Don't be quiet!" says Kibe.

At that moment, Kazuya is immersed in his thoughts as he remembers when Mami told him that she only wanted his happiness. And seeing him silent, Kibe gets angry and punches him in the face.

Quickly, Kuribayashi stops Kibe, who exclaims to Kazuya that Grandma Nagomi was taken to the hospital before the trip and that despite the situation he is in, he should still believe in Chizuru and encourage her, so he will just wait for him until today to clear everything up.

Suddenly, Grandma Nagomi intervenes and asks Kibe not to make a fuss, as he is making the other customers uncomfortable; however, Kibe tells her that he cannot overlook the fact that she is being cheated, to which Grandma exclaims that she is fine.

Thus, Kibe remains silent, while Grandma Nagomi stands up and says that, if even the first girlfriend her grandson introduced to her was a rental, she could forgive him, as it was a beautiful dream; however, she cannot overlook them cheating on Sayuri, as she did believe in them.

"'My dear granddaughter introduced me to a boyfriend for the first time,'" Grandma Nagomi says in reference to what Sayuri told her that time they talked at the hospital.

With a serious look, Grandma Nagomi asks Chizuru to give her an explanation, as she cannot allow Sayuri's memory to be sullied.

"I want to believe that it's all a misunderstanding," says Grandma Nagomi, who waits for Chizuru's answer.

Faced with such a situation, Chizuru panics and doesn't know what to say, while Kazuya tells himself that, somehow or another, he has to help Chizuru, as he can't let it all end here.

Seconds later, Chizuru tries to say something, but again falls silent. And seeing that, Grandma Nagomi turns around and says that now everything is clear to her and that she is already tired of this whole situation.

Meanwhile, Mami shows a smile — as if she had already won ha ha.

At that instant, Grandma Nagomi decides to leave, when suddenly Kazuya says, "No.... You all wait...! Mizuhara is not that kind of person!".

Next time: "I will definitely protect you".

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