Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 343 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 343

Chapter 343: Let you down

While inside the cave, All For One begins to say that lies don't work against him, as years ago he stole a peculiar quirk from a man that allows him to know when someone is lying to him.

One of the descendants of that man, who was a victim of All For One, now works with All Might.

Then All For One receives a phone call from Aoyama's mother, who tells him that her son can deliver the Macallan he is requesting the next day. And once the call ends, All For One realises that there were no lies.

On the other hand, Deku, who is holding a mobile phone, goes to look for Aoyama, who, once he sees him, thanks him for visiting him. At that moment, Deku is a bit confused, as he thought Aoyama was in prison.

Aoyama then explains to Deku how he got out of prison. And once everything is clear, Deku turns around and tries to find his other classmates to tell them the news; however, Aoyama stops him and asks him if he wants to know what All For One's real plan is.

In this way, Aoyama tells Deku that, once Japan is in ruins, the value of its national currency will be devalued, and not only that, but many companies will go bankrupt. On top of that, there will be great social instability, which will lead to an increase in the number of villains. And in such a scenario, other countries will focus on themselves and will no longer help Japan. And once all that happens, All For One will be able to supply them with a lot of resources using their quirks.

Hearing all that, Deku tells him that it is too early to claim such an apocalyptic scenario, as everyone will stop All For One.

At that moment, Aoyama apologises to Deku and tearfully tells him that he still wants to continue protecting his parents. Second later, All For One appears behind him and congratulates him on his actions.

All For One then asks Aoyama if it was his parents who told him about his plan, to which he says yes and that they also promised him that they would be happy in the world that All For One will create.

Deku is shocked and then yells at Aoyama, telling him that he trusted him. Suddenly, however, Aoyama, who is crying and shaking, quickly turns around and fires a laser at All For One.

Quickly, All For One uses an air wave and dodges the attack. He then tells Aoyama that he is a fool.

Seconds later, Deku tells Aoyama that his performance was very realistic, to which he replies that it was the only way to fool All For One.

Now Aoyama, who is still shaking, yells at All For One, telling him that he will stand up to him and protect his parents.

And seeing Aoyama act that way, All For One is confused, as when he talked to Aoyama's mother, he couldn't notice any lies in her words.

All For One then stops looking for an explanation for what is happening and focuses on the fact that he has One For All in front of him. He then takes off his jacket and prepares to fight.

At that moment, many villains begin to appear. And when all seems lost, a small portal appears, where many heroes start to emerge.

Now a great battle between heroes and villains will begin.

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