Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 229 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 229

Chapter 229: The girlfriend and paradise - Part 42

This will be a short summary.

Okay, first we start with everyone -except Mami and Kibe- sitting at the dining room table. Grandma Nagomi is explaining the situation. And once everything is cleared up, Kazuya's parents look calmer and tell Chizuru that she should have explained the whole "rental girlfriend" thing from the beginning.

"I'm sorry..." says Chizuru.

And while they are still talking, Chizuru gets up and leaves.

After that, Kazuya talks to Kuribayashi, who asks him what's going on, as he can't believe he's dating Chizuru, to which Kazuya tells him that she just continued with the lie.

However, Kuribayashi tells Kazuya that even though she only continued the lie, she kissed him. And remembering that, Kazuya blushes.

On the other hand, in the bathroom, Ruka faces Chizuru and asks her what the hell she is doing, as she feels that she was cheated. And hearing that, Chizuru asks her to calm down, but Ruka ignores her and tells her that she won't forgive her, since she only continued that lie because she told her that she did it for her grandmother's welfare.

At that moment, Chizuru falls silent and then apologizes to her.

"Why are you suddenly making that face...?" says Ruka. "I'm not foolish enough to forgive you just because you're going to start crying..."

Suddenly, Mami appears in a rage and grabs Chizuru by the neck and exclaims at her to stop cheating others.

Next time: "You".

Personal note: Supposedly, Kibe went to get some air, but I have a suspicion that Mami told him "something", and now he's outside the bathroom listening to everything. Maybe the lie will end soon?

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  1. My God...
    Could you be jealous of her for stealing him away from you?

  2. Wth dude. Mami is completely out of control.

  3. Someone should keep this mami in her place.

  4. did she really say that is the only option to do, sneaky and muphrid didnt indicate thats why she says sorry. i dont think they wont include it because it is an important detail

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