Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 235 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 235

Chapter 235: The girlfriend and the kiss - Part 4

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Chizuru, who is now in her usual clothes (skirt and hoodie), invites Yaemori into her room for a conversation.

And as Chizuru puts two cups of tea on the table, Yaemori is surprised, as she didn't think Chizuru would invite her in, so she says, "However, you surprised me. Since I was sure that you knew that I am the master's accomplice".

Hearing that, Chizuru just looks at her, and then tells her that she already knew that the two of them were close, so there was a need for her to refuse to converse.

"She's giving me the green light to ask her anything...", Yaemori thinks.

Thus, Yaemori tells Chizuru that Kazuya has been depressed because she's been ignoring his messages, to which Chizuru tells her that she's right and won't make any excuses.

"So, with that in mind.... Why are you keeping your distance?" asks Yaemori.

At such a question, Chizuru tells her that she has no regrets for what she has done; however, she also cannot say that she did it because it is her job as a "rental girlfriend".

"All of this...is my fault," Chizuru says.

For a moment, Yaemori is silent, but then she tells Chizuru that that is not an answer.

Then, suddenly, Chizuru tells her that this is all because of Ruka, since she knows she really hurt her.

Note: I'll summarize this last part differently, since it's redundant.

Given the situation, Chizuru blames herself for all the problems, since she forced Kazuya to be with Ruka.

Then Chizuru says that, despite everything, she has no regrets and would do it again. And, in this way, we enter a loop where Chizuru doesn't know what to do, since she can't understand the feelings she has towards Kazuya.

It is at that moment that Yaemori takes action to do what she had planned to do: help Kazuya.

In this way, Yaemori demands Chizuru to confront Kazuya, as she feels it is love. However, Chizuru tells her that it is not that, to which Yaemori tells her that it is. And so the two argue for a moment — back and forth — until finally Yaemori is speechless, as she said all she had to say, and leaves.

The next day, Kazuya, who is in a pauper's state, is lying on his bed — he looks dead in life — unwilling to do anything.

Chizuru, on the other hand, looks at her grandmother's photo, then exhales and says, "Let's do this!".

Next time: "Free yourself from hopelessness".

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